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Our Terms of Service

1. Terms and Conditions

By using TF2Double, you are agreeing with those Terms of Service and you are responsible for the compliance with any applicable local laws. If you don't agree with these terms of service, you are not allowed to play on or use TF2Double You MUST be over the age of 18 years old AND not a permenant resident of the United States or United or United Kingdom to play on TF2Double

2. Item Prices

We cannot always have the right prices, but we try our best to update the prices constantly to be as accurate as possible. Playing of TF2Double implies you fully accept our prices and understand there will be no refund in case of a price issue.

3. Round

When you deposit your items, there is no guarantee that it will be entered into the current round. We are not responsible and will not refund any items for being placed in the incorrect round.

4. Allowed items

TF2Double will only take non-decorated weapon TF2 items. We reserve the right to refuse any items. We do not accept decorated weapons because their prices are not constant and easy to manipulate. Always play safely. Do NOT play with items you are not willing to lose. Once your deposit is confirmed on the site and the offer is accepted, it CANNOT be canceled.

5. Fee

TF2Double takes up to a 10% value tax on each round, no more, and often less. This fee goes towards site maintenence and upkeep. However, you can get the tax lowered by becoming a premium member to the site.

6. Winnings

Winnings will be sent to the round winner after around 10 minutes. We do not gaurentee all the items in the pool will be returned, as some will be taxed to pay for the site. There is no gaurentee the items sent will be the EXACT same as the ones in the pool, but will be of the same quality, etc. Ex. You put in a Pro KS Medi gun with Team shine, there will be a chance if the bot has another one to send the other Pro KS Medi gun, as it is the same price on the site and essentially the same item. If any errors in site winnings occur, you have 48 hours to contact support. If support is not reached, the winnings will be forfeit to the site with NO chance of reclaimability. Also if you dont accept your winnings in 48 they will become part of the rake.

7. Ban

TF2Double reserves the right to remove any user's right to our website for any reason. Anyone trying to scam our users will be immediately banned from TF2Double. Our bots will never send you friend requests. They will never request items from you without your request. Chat bans may be handed out at administrators discretion. If you are caught purposely being offensive, slandering the site, or causing any sort of verbal harrassment, you will be banned or muted from the chat.

whoever abuses an overpriced weapon will be permanante banned
8. Variation

TF2Double reserves the right to revice these Terms of Service at any time. You will be required to check and reread any changes, and will not be notified of any sudden or small changes.

9. Contact / Official Discord

To join our Discord click (here)

To contact the Owner via mail -> [email protected]